The Federation of GCC Chambers launches the first digital platform for the oil and gas sector

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The Federation of GCC Chambers , in cooperation with the UAE Business Sector Gateway Corporation, launched the first Gulf digital platform for oil and gas and their derivatives; With the aim of supporting the digital transformation of the oil and gas sector.

The Secretary-General of the Federation of GCC Chambers, Saud Al-Mashari, said that this is the first regional platform in the GCC countries through which the union seeks to achieve digital transformation and provide means of joint cooperation by providing investment opportunities in the GCC states through several economic platforms, the most important of which is the oil and gas platform, which is The second platform launched by the federation in its series of digital platforms this year, according to the Saudi Press Agency "SPA".

Al-Mashari added that the oil and gas platform is a main catalyst for creating a common Gulf market that serves the public and private sectors, creating local and global partnerships, and offering the most prominent and important investment opportunities in the oil and gas field in the GCC countries.

Al-Mashari explained that the platform will display a daily statement with the latest news and detailed analysis in the regional exploration and production sector, with analysis of the daily crude price exchange, where there will be coverage of the most important conferences and events in the same sector in the GCC countries.

He stated that the main classifications of the platform fall under the items of oil, gas, drilling, exploration, reserves, production, OPEC, refining and petrochemicals, natural gas, technology, companies with their ratings, oil news in countries, related statistics, and others.

For his part, the CEO of the Corporation, Muhammad Al-Jabri, explained that the platform will support all categories of visitors and followers of the platform, to include workers in oil and gas companies and investors interested in the Gulf oil and gas sector from all countries of the world, supplier companies based on business in the oil and gas fields in the region, and affiliated with academic bodies and government universities Private and foreign.

The oil and gas platform is a regional reference platform for the oil and gas sector that increases the market shares of companies operating in the oil and gas sector and paves the way for electronic alternatives to attract many new investments in the region.


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