Talos Energy says oil leaking into in U.S. Gulf of Mexico has slowed

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U.S. offshore oil producer Talos Energy (TALO.N) said on Sunday that the rate of oil flowing from a spill of unknown origin in U.S. Gulf of Mexico following Hurricane Ida appears to have decreased.

Clean-up crews and a dive team were at the leak site in the Bay Marchand area of the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday seeking to contain the oil and pinpoint its source and location. A miles-long black streak of oil in the Gulf of Mexico off Louisiana was visible from the air after Hurricane Ida tore through the region a week ago.

"No black oil has been observed over the last 24 hours," said Talos Energy spokesman Brian L. Grove in a statement. "To date, no impacts to shoreline or wildlife have been observed," he said.

A U.S. Coast Guard spokesman had no immediate comment.

An evaluation by divers and sonar scan found no leaks tied to its oil pipelines. A 12-inch (30-cm) undersea pipeline was found to be displaced from its original trench location, and it appeared to be bent and open ended, Grove's statement said.

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