Oman oil drops more than $3 a barrel in futures contracts

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Data issued by the Dubai Mercantile Exchange showed, today, Thursday, a decline in the price of Oman oil for delivery next October, by $3.2 per barrel.

The data indicated that the price of Oman oil for October delivery fell to $65.5 a barrel, compared to its price yesterday, Wednesday, at $68.7.

According to the data, the price of Omani oil for November delivery reached $64.8 per barrel, a decrease of 3.23 cents per barrel from its previous levels of $68.03 per barrel.

By 9:35 am GMT, the price of US NYMEX crude futures for September delivery fell by 3.68 percent, to reach $63.05 a barrel, losing $2.41 a barrel.

The price of Brent crude for October delivery fell by 3.12 percent, to reach the level of 66.1 dollars per barrel, a loss of 2.13 dollars per barrel from its previous levels.

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