Europe needs natural gas..and the biggest supplier Russia is facing a crisis of its own

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Bloomberg news agency reported today, Monday, that Europe is in dire need of natural gas, but Russia, its largest supplier, is itself facing a crisis in this regard. And Bloomberg quoted the Russian state-owned giant Gazprom, the monopoly of natural gas exports in Russia, on Monday, that it suffers unprecedentedly in demand from both inside and outside Russia, as it needs to refill storage sites whose stock has abnormally run out. during last winter.
This comes as a fire in Siberia earlier this month disrupted production in a major production area.
Russia's troubles have left Europe thirsty for gas as businesses reopen and people return to their offices, boosting demand.
The continent is racing against time to rebuild reserves before the coming winter, as it cannot rely on Russia or on liquefied natural gas, with most shipments heading to Asia instead. Bloomberg quoted a statement by Gazprom saying that Russia is facing "increasing pressures on the gas supply system during the traditional season of planned maintenance and preparation for the upcoming autumn-winter period, which cannot be stopped."

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