Digital Surveying & Engineering Services
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United Arab Emirates

DIGTAL SURVEYS has many years’ experience in providing quality, professional land surveying and mapping services. We are at the forefront of the profession, using state of the art surveying instruments in the field followed by data processing and drawing production using the very latest computer technology. Our Compnay offers the following various services in the filed of Land Surveying, GIS, Hydrographic, Geophysical Surveys and Geotechnical Investigation.

Road, Canal, Pipe line Alignment and Optimization, Bridge Alignment and Setting out, Control and Geodetic Survey, Property Survey, As Built Survey, Utility Location Survey, Cadastral Surveys, Piling Surveying works, Landscaping surveying works, Cut & Fill quantities surveying works, Supply of qualified surveyors crews.

Topographical Survey: Boundary Survey, Contour Survey, Residential and Municipal Survey, Computer Aided Drawings & Data Processing using latest Software’s.

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