Al Moosawi Trading LLC
Address: P.O.Box 16275, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Location : Ras Al Khor Industrial Area 2
United Arab Emirates

Al Moosawi Trading LLC was formed in 1986 in Deira, UAE and focuses on the many industrial flow control needs that people have in today's society. Al Moosawi has parts for all sorts of applications including fittings, valves and other materials that keep machines, ships and other devices as operational and possible.

Our goal at Al Moosawi is to not only make the best possible industrial flow control products but to also help our clients understand what products they need in particular. We want to help all of our clients save money, avoid future problems and make their businesses function as well as possible.

We work for many distributors and manufacturers by providing them with a large variety of products. We have valves of all kinds including butterfly, ball, gate and check valves. There are dozens of valve sizes for just about every application including ones that work alongside steam traps, flanges and pressure-reducing controls.

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